“When everything changes…change everything”   Wayne Dyer

Never in our history has this been more relevant and important than it is now. Recently all of our lives have changed and will continue to change over the months and years to come as we witness a global transformation that is changing the world as we once knew it.  How to navigate this change with compassion and understanding for oneself and for others, is incredibly challenging.  With so many divided opinions, enforced rules, life changing regulations and fear based decision making all impacting us differently, it is leaving many of us wondering just how this happened? 

There are no definite answers at the moment and unlikely to ever be answers that will appease everybody. We all approach this global pandemic as infants, carrying our own unique historical background,  our own beliefs, our own trauma, our own pain and so on.  Yes this is a time of uncertainty for everyone. If we could maintain a willingness to be ok with not knowing what the right thing to do, the right way to act, the right thing to say is; but instead just BE KIND. Be more willing to choose an empathic, softer approach rather rather than a dogmatic opinion on what is right and what is not. We need to trust our intuitive, instinctual sense of what is right for us as individuals.

My fears are different from yours, my beliefs are different from yours and I am ok with that, just as I am ok with your view being different. We all need each other, whether we realise it or not. You see it’s our relationships with each other and our environment combined that determine our resilience, and how we navigate such great changes to our ‘normal’ in the future.

I have made the decision to embark on a new journey launching; Galway Holistic amidst this new normal. As part of this new direction in my own journey I am vowing to show up online, via social media channels. I will be challenging my own fears and facing my own challenges; so that I can support and provide help to you and many more people. So that I can build a supportive community for us all. I hope that you join me on my social media journey over on instagram!

Please share everything you like, and tag me in everything you love. Let us face all the new normals together, let us build our relationships and improve our environments, for in this new normal we are in this together. 

Lots of love and kindness,

Stephanie x